• Karl Talla Demgueu

M.P.O. 33/40 is a man of the modern Renaissance. The rapper, comedian, actor and screenwriter is ready to present his web series, "THE ADVENTURES OF M.P.O", directed by Stephen Diaz, to the world. A work of the production house, NOMAD PF&R (, the web series is a reflection of the daily life of the average Cameroonian through funny, educational, and at times moving scenes. As a screenwriter, M.P.O uses his everyday reality as inspiration.

When he's not shooting in front of the camera, M.P.O. expresses himself as a rapper in recording studios and showcases. His first single titled "La Bière" produced by N.G.A. Beatz, which is available on all streaming platforms under the NOMAD PF&F label, also serves as the theme song of his YouTube web series.

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"Once Upon A Time In America" is the debut manuscript from Jamz Pro's founder, Karl Talla. This coming of age story follows Talla from his early years as an immigrant in the United States, to the highs and lows he experienced as he made his way in the world.

With America as its backdrop, this transparent piece of literature gives us a fly on the wall view of how an immigrant family dealt with everything from the tragic events of 9/11, to the election of America's first black president, Barack Obama. The book also grants the reader an insight into the life of a millennial of African descent, surviving through Donald Trump's MAGA era. This publication holds up a mirror to an entire generation, giving us all the opportunity to face ourselves and the times we are living in with great subtlety.

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