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Johane Essomba

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Hailing from the same country as UFC world champion (Nganou) and NBA MVP (Embiid), another talent is making his way to the front of the stage. Her name is Johane Essomba. The daughter of a musician and preacher, Johane made her singing debut on her father's gospel album at the age of 15. She only obtained her BTS in marketing and communication three years later. While selling MTN SIM cards on the streets of Douala, the singer was discovered by music producer Roll'X King. Having worked with renowned Cameroonian artists such as Maahlox Le Vibeur, Lady Ponce, Muriele Blanche, among others, Roll'x noted Johane's unique vocal tone and star presence. While working on the soundtrack for the feature film Caller ID: Unknown, he remembered the singer who had impressed him months earlier and decided to take her on as his protégé.


Johane Essomba's debut single titled "Reach Out" is featured on the Caller ID: Unknown soundtrack, now available on all streaming platforms.







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