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King Karlemagne's The Gospel Album Review

Here’s a long title: King Karlemagne, ‘The Legend of the Invincible Karl Talla Volume 2: The Gospel of Karlemagne‘. Here’s a surprise: it’s a rap album and not a movie. Here’s a review:

TLOTIKTV2 is a semi-loosely gospel-themed 15 track effort equipped with Bible references in lyrics and track names. Tales of drug dealing, backstabbing, relationships gone sour and self-reflection litter this audio experience.

Contextually, this album can be summed up in a few songs. “The Gospel” is a collection of memories from the “streets”. “Oh, you had a run/I was on the run” King Karlemagne spits on the aforementioned track. Mid-track, we transition to Karl at the pulpit spitting the best lyrical output on the entire album, spitting “David was an adulterer and Noah loved whiskey/Peter denied Jesus, so which of my friends are with me/Moses caught a body..”.

On “Salvation for Sinners“, Karlemagne ponders the question form of the title. Gratitude

takes presidence, as Karl reminds himself of how far he’s come. “Fire On a Moutain” sees our hero proclaiming his faith in the almighty & unseen, expressing his belief that all of his life’s trials have been a part of a divine plan.

The highlight and most worldly-paletable track here is easily “1 in a Million“. Karl channels his 2001 Diddy (musically), attempting to find Cinderella. The caribbean-eque production set the visual of light blue water and yachts, while Karl happily attempts to trade in his bachelor card.

Additionally, TLOTIKTV2 has its lapses and Karl can leave much to be desired by way of flow, delivery and conviction. The album runs a bit long and benefit 1 or 2 rap features, besides the seemingly recycled verses from Offset and 21 Savage. Lastly, its theme and concept has been pulled off nearly perfectly by The Game on Jesus Piece over 10 years prior.

King Karlemagne has a lot to say and on  ‘The Legend of the Invincible Karl Talla Volume 2: The Gospel of Karlemagne‘, he gave us an overview of himself as a man. Introspective. Creative. Above all, invincible (apparently).


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