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Nomade Est. 2000 en association avec la Fondation ADO est fier d'annoncer Caller ID: UNKNOWN

The film portrays the miseries and sufferings of the innocent public in a war-ridden country.

United StatesNomad Est. 2000 in association with the ADO Foundation is proud to announce the release of "Caller ID: Unknown", a film produced by Karl Talla, a Cameroonian native who immigrated to the United States at a young age. The film, set in the midst of Cameroon's Anglophone Crisis, is a psychological drama based on true events that sheds light on an issue that is not commonly known around the world.

"Our overall goal as a nonprofit is to come to the aid of those in need. This is a touching, yet engaging narrative that pivots around the basic understanding and display of human emotions and how they react when faced with difficult situations. We partnered with Nomad Est. 2000 to produce this film to raise awareness of a subject that is close to our hearts," said Karl.

The story follows a young woman named Nkwenti, played by Laura Onyama, who tries to escape the horrors of war in her village. She finds herself taking refuge in a forest and, in a state of panic and despair, picks up a cellphone from a dead body and dials a random phone number for help as a last resort. At the other end of the call is a man named Essono, played by Assala Kofane. Will this stranger be of any help to this young lady?

Directed by Kondrad M. Defang, "Caller ID: Unknown" is a powerful film that depicts how innocent people are negatively impacted by the fallout of war. It will be an immersive experience to watch how the characters interact with each other as the events unfold. Filled with real-life emotional elements, the story draws inferences from the everyday life of a war-torn populace, and it will resonate and move the audience.

The film’s score is composed by Roll'X King, who has worked with notable Cameroonian acts such as Maahlox Le Vibeur, Lady Ponce, Mink's, Valsero, amongst others.

In addition to the film, an official soundtrack and a 12-episode behind-the-scenes documentary are also available. The documentary takes viewers on a journey through the making of the film and offers a unique perspective on the creative process.

"Caller ID: Unknown" is not politically biased, nor does it take sides. It simply sheds light on an issue that is not commonly known around the world. The film is a must-see for anyone interested in social justice and human rights.

For more information about the film, please visit the website at or check out the IMDB page at

Watch the trailer of the film below...


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